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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scientific basis of spirituality-10

                        Creation of universe is from formless God. In etc. time the universe was nothing except Almighty God. God desires to devide in many forms. Then God began to be a physical form from the formless. Since God is pervaded everywhere there was no empty spot in the universe. When formless God to increases his size, then unlimited pressure is generated in the universe and it creates unlimited energy and the explosion are start due to unlimited pressure, due to this sun, stars, planets, have come into existence. Regarding creation of the universe there is the same principle in terms of science and religion. Science states that the complete universe was created once, but daily, the birth of new stars and death of old stars in the universe is common. This action, is running out since etc. time the science also knows it very well, this is the same type, that the birth and death of human is beings on earth. In stars or sun at the time of explosion, the matter separated from sun or stars, and spread in the space are become planets, and due to gravity start running to the circle of sun. Though sun is able to produce energy itself but separated mass (planets) cannot produce energy himself. Therefore, the energy form is gradually become cool and start to convert in air, liquid and solid form. Like this our earth is also a planet, separated from sun in etc. time. All the planets separated from sun, are play an important role for the Climate on our planet, and for life of human animals, plants, etc. Due to the absence of the moon or any planet the life of creatures is not possible on earth. They are effected all activity on the earth including human life. So all the planets including the sun are worshiped as god. This we all should know, anything including humans and other creatures in our solar system are the part of sun.
                              Earth has been restructured several times over the life of the sun, says the Holocaust.
There are  two kinds of holocaust
1 Holocaust :-    The earth is restructure during this
2 Big  Holocaust :-  During this the Sun and the solar system, including planets and satellites is end and they do not regenerate.
  1 Holocaust :-   When the earth is completely polluted and the life becomes troublesome for humans and other creatures including plants on the earth when the knowledge ends in human and ignorance is reaches its peak, than sun increases its heat, due to this earth become heated, and ice starts melting. The sea water level rises and the earth become full of water this ends the life of human, animals, plants. After this all the water evaporated and disappears into atmosphere due to more heat earth converted in liquid form  this happens in all planets including earth. when the sun becomes normal then earth begins start to cool,  then vapor cloud covers the Earth.   Then rain starts on the earth and it is continue for many hundred   years. Earlier several years this water does not reach the earth's surface, and evaporated in atmosphere. When it reaches the earth's surface then  sea, rivers, etc. seems to be. Constantly for so many  years earth is covered by clouds, so the  sunlight cannot reach the earth due to this a glacial period starts due to this glacial period the earth crust becomes cool up to several kilometers. When the clouds are ends and sunlight reaches the earth then life of creatures and plants begins on the earth again. The entire process takes millions of years.
2 Big  Holocaust :- Upon completion of the life of the sun, the sun is becomes enlarged and start to produce so much energy. All the planets and satellites of the sun, due so much heat, converted in to energy form and are contained in the sun. In the language of science. This position of the sun is called supernova. When the sun's energy reaches its peak point, then the energy form turns in to wave form  and stops to get the energy and light from sun and now sun turns in to blackhole.  This is the end of a solar system, it will be never reborn again. When the number of black holes will reaches the highest in the universe, then the birth of new stars will stops, after this universe will end.
                                    As in the episode of God it has been written that the atom is the smallest particle of root element and soul is a smallest form of conscious elements, which is located as the halo around God. Conscious element is located within the atom and can be into independent stages. Conscious element in the wave form can run out without breaking the atom particles. As far as a particle of conscious elements exits, just the same sort of free radicals, are filled up the Blank space therefore, the structure of atoms remains unchanged. From a combination of two or more atoms, one molecule is formed, from the combination of millions molecules, visual material appears, then we can see it with our eyes.
                                                        Molecules in solids are attached firmly to each other, therefore solids are stable. In fluid the molecules are not strongly connected, if they are left open they starts  flow. As in the gas form the  molecules are not connected to each other so we can not see the gas or air by our eyes, and due to light weight, continue to flow in the atmosphere. Science has discovered about 101 atoms with different properties. The properties of atom vary depending on the number of electron protron neutrons in the atom. The each atom containing different properties are called elements in the language of science. Our body is made from a combination of all these elements. The atom of each element is containing thousands properties. Three hundred thirty million the total number of properties are mentioned in religious texts. Due to different properties of elements, everything like root or conscious elements, creature, plants are  appear in different forms on the earth or the universe. If all these properties will be removed then only Almighty God will be remains balance.
                            This is the essence of Indian philosophy.

Writer :- Er. R  S  Thakur
                2 April 2012

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