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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scientific basis of spirituality-6


                            Knowledge is generated from God. The God is immortal like that knowledge is also immortal. After the end of human and the universe, knowledge does not end it is in soul and the soul is generated from God.
There are two types of knowledge
1.Actual knowledge
2.False knowledge
                      These both are also called spiritual knowledge and ignorance. Its feature is that when spiritual knowledge decrease then ignorance increase and when ignorance decrease then spiritual knowledge increase. Spiritual education is based on actual knowledge when modern education is based on false knowledge. Here the Meaning of knowledge is not the school or bookish knowledge. While learning to read and write is an art when knowledge is the divine consciousness this is not the human invention. Knowledge is in all creatures, including humans, flora and conscious matter, but except human all can do only the works fixed by God. An illiterate person can be knowledgeable when a literate person can be ignorance. Knowledge is that according to which in any condition, human can spent complete life healthy, happy with relaxed mind and long life. Ignorance is that, due to which a human spend the life by suffering various diseases, fears and concerns, whether he be rich or poor, educated or illiterate. Actual knowledge is also of two type.
1 Self knowledge (spiritual knowledge)
2 Ultimate reality (Supreme knowledge)
                                 By spiritual knowledge we can know all about our self by reaching the god and can know the method of salvation (Moksha). By divine wisdom or supreme knowledge, man can know the mechanism of the entire universe and can see the past and future and can use his will power for any work. In an era very few people are able to achieve the supreme knowledge. Person with supreme knowledge is considered an incarnation of God. In kalyug it is very difficult to get the supreme knowledge, because this process is no longer, now only person can get supreme knowledge who have signs of a born theologian. Everything was destroyed during Mahabharat, after this no one is not there, who knows this science. It is said that Ashwsthama who knows this science was saved alive, but he could not found latter on, and this knowledge end here. Due to end of this knowledge, kalyug is born, due to absence of this knowledge, human began to attract, physical resources. By regular practice spiritual knowledge can be achieve today also, the procedure of this will be described in 2nd part.
                            A third type of knowledge is also there to which we say bookish knowledge, today in the world its prevalence is the highest. In common language we say imitate, it is the easiest way, because everything in the world each individual learns by imitating. But in the old times when the child was become eligible for education, then education was provided him to develop his own sense and to achieve spiritual knowledge but today is not so. Now people are educate to just follow the wisdom of scholars to proceed further. This trend is in both fields religion and science. In the field of science new inventions are going on but in the field of religion people cannot do so, because neither any government has any control on it nor any measures are fixed, and now the form of religion is also changed.
                                 In each field we can get opposite concept of scholars due to this the man is always confused and he cannot make any concrete notion about any knowledge and have an impact on ability to make decisions. With so many options for decision, he takes time to decide or cannot decide perfectly in this condition he depends on the other person, or due to the wrong decision he is always hurt and suffering. The first step of spiritual knowledge is to make concrete nation. The solid belief of humans are not built until unless, he cannot trial by his organ of perception. By spiritual knowledge man can gets the power of correct decision it is his greatest achievement, because of this ability he is able to live a healthy, happy and long life.
                          Modern educated generation consider themselves wiser than the older generation it is their false assumption because knowledge is always decreasing. The knowledge of students will always be less than the master until the student does not achieve spiritual knowledge. After getting the spiritual knowledge the student can a scholar then his master. Each person who does try to attained enlightenment, knowledge is obtained in a different field, for which purposes he proceed, he can get the knowledge in that field because every way is going to God in this the purpose of worldly comforts are not included because this way is goes to opposite direction man on this way goes away from God and proceed towards materialism. Modern education is going on this way. In modern education there is no provision to get enlightenment, so generation after generation the actual knowledge is being decreasing, due to this today's new generation's  mentality has been distorted, all are knowing this fact very well and suffering  from the result. The spiritual education not included in modern education is the leading cause of this. The older generation says that the new generation is on the wrong track, but this statement of older generation is totally wrong for this only old generation is responsible because the older generation creates the new generation. If old generation is changed their self then new generation will change automatically. Men always try to change others but not for himself if he is changed himself then others will changed automatically.
             Any country in the world today, neither the government has no control over the religious and spiritual education nor any of its parameters are fixed. This has been left in the hands of religion contractors, by these contractors religion has been converted to the business, fraud and the means to spread communalism in the society, because these contractors of religion are not untouched by the materialism. The education system Is only the way to change the internality of society, if a new education system is applied today, then almost a hundred years after its complete impact could seen. Only education system can change the human internality in long time any other way is not there to change the human internality. In ancient times, in the world mainly religious spiritual and political education was given, in spiritual education complete science was covered. In modern education there is no provision for moral education. Today, to increase materialism and business-related education is given, and modern science is also completely the works for this. This education system was started about 400 years ago by Lord Macaulay, today which has been completely changed the human internality towards materialism. If today spiritual education is included in the course then after long time peoples will aware, and then people will not come under the influence of religion contractor, capitalists or any other.
                              By reading and listening the words of wisdom, can not given a significant effect on human until he does not practice within the discipline for a long time. Though in the world thousands scholars are being discourse everyday and millions books are available and millions of people daily hear and read but any major impact on the human internality is not seen. Very few people by reading and listening can change their lifestyle but cannot change their concept because it is more important to change the concept then lifestyle. For this it is necessary to end the attachment from the world and for a long time by certain way regular exercise is important. Its procedure will be described in 2nd part.

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