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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scientific basis of spirituality-9

Goddess gods and ghosts evil-spirit

                                    All people are familiar with the dream and also know that the dreams are seen while sleeping. Seeing dreams during sleep is a common procedure. But very few people probably know that humans can also see the dream in awakened stage. The only difference between these two is that While the sleep time there is no control on body, and senses are also not active, when in the awake stage body control remains there and the senses are also active. In both case our mind is becomes to be zero idea and mind out of the present, goes to past or future, and in both case he sees by the organs of perception located in our minds (i.e the third eye) not by the physical organs in the body. There are two types of dreams seen while sleep.
1 True (real)
2 Unreal
                  Both are unrestricted, meaning humans have no control over these.
                The dreams seen in awakened stage are of two types, and both are true.
1 Controlled dream
2 uncontrolled dream
                               The controlled dreams are that by which through meditation we sees our gods goddess and talks with them or can receive the details of past and future, or do we see what we want to see. We are seen the same form of gods and goddesses, which figure we kept in our mind, gods and goddesses are not Revealed physically. Any person is seen gods goddess always sees mentally (by third eye) Just the way that we see dream, but these are completely true. By our five senses we can experience the knowledge with the supernatural. Any shape seen in awake stage have to be always clear and alive when something seen in a dream while sleeping is not so clear and alive.
                                Uncontrolled dreams are that in which human sees, unintended incidents or shapes or other humans, which or not physically present there or in the world. In general stage, human always  behaves in the present tense. But when the mind of any person, access like any other time, past or future then this situation is arise, we are says it ghosts or evil-spirit.
                               Though in the world, it is still the question remains that exactly what are ghosts or evil-spirit. Its correct answer is that there are physically no ghosts or evil-spirit but they are present mentally, or we can say that the ghosts or evil-spirit are dreams seen in awakened stage. Sometimes people claimed through newspapers to take the photo of ghost but these claims are totally wrong nobody can proof it in the world. Because when any object is not present physically no photo can we taken.
                        Such as written in the episode of mind based on scenes seen while dreams, mind start to send the orders to brain and our body start action while sleeping. Similarly, in the awakened stage when our mind is divert from present and then on the basis of scenes seen at that time mind start wrong ordering to brain. In this case, that person may harm themselves or anyone and can do anything. In this case, including the human brain his five senses can work wrong. His sense of hearing can feel the smell which is not there. His tongue could feel taste, that he is not eating or what he is eating, Other than that he could feel the taste of anything else. His touch sense can feel that someone is beating him and the traces of beatings on his body may emerge. He may also feel that, any person is thorn pricking in his body, due to this, blood can come out from his body It is also possible that him choke his own muscle and then people will have to understand that ghost had choke. His eyes can see the scene, or a person who is dead or alive, or who is not there. Her ears can hear a voice, that is not speaking by anybody, or he can speak in any other   live or dead person's voice. Woman can speak in man’s voice and man can speak in woman’s voice. All these is done by the brain of effected person, due to receiving the wrong orders from mind. of his body. Effected  people does not do all this by their physical senses but all this is do by them by organ of  perception in the mind same as the time of dream he act physically. If by the physical eyes he was being seen the ghost then all peoples present there will see the same scenes. But this is not so, the only effected person sees such a view.
                                 There are several types of ghosts, following are main.
1 When mind goes in past or future out of present :- In This, the human condition becomes, according to above.
2 Hyper-activation of specific waves on a particular location:- Automatically the household goods to be yourself around, fallen, getting  up, here and there, in the room to feel the strong wind pushed, automatically open and close the doors & windows, fallen Stones etc. automatically to fire anywhere, and to hear the voices.
3 Reflection from sky:- To view the such scenes, which are not there, but they are present anywhere on the earth, it happens often at specific locations, due to this vehicles are crashed sometimes. Such views appear momentarily and then disappear. The scene of mirage (Mrigmaricika) in desert is also a sky reflection, this becomes due to reflection from the snow blocks surfing in space.
4 The direction confusion :-  This colloquially called the Labyrinth. It is often occurs in dark and raw way at night in the plain areas. The person sees the village light or a person going ahead him and assume that he will reach the target within ten minute but after walking whole night till  morning he does not reach the target. In morning light he sees that he was walking around a specific field. It can happened with any vehicle, or walking persons in group. If he is following any person then he can reach at any right or wrong place. This situation only ends, when he should wait for a while or should be the light of day. The direction confusion is also a disease. The victim person forget his familiar place or forget the way of his home.
                                   To be affected by ghost or evil spirit incidents are more frequently seen in illiterate rural areas, because these people have strong belief in superstitions and ghosts. Since most people in urban areas tend to be superstitious but in ghost their belief is fifty percent only. So in the urban areas, very few people are get effected. The second type Hyper-activation of specific waves, there is no connection with belief it can be happened with anybody but when any person is reached to that place, then due to fear his belief in ghost is become strong and here he can also effected with ghosts. In above third type there is no connection with ghost or belief. In above fourth type if person is alone and fears then he can also effected by ghosts.
                                 Gods and goddesses sense comes in some one this is also the same kind of procedure due to acute perception of the mind he is associated with gods and goddesses but he does not have accurate knowledge of the method of worshiping. He speaks due to the divine through gods, that can be right or wrong. As written earlier that the nature consists of three properties 1. Entity 2. activity 3.Ignorance. if he is effected by entity (SAT) then he will speak correct if he is effected by ignorance then he can speak lie they are not violent like ghosts. The person affected by entity will cool and person affected by ignorance would be some furious.
                                            Similarly, when the person's mind is associated with the former birth is remembering former birth, all these are the dreams  seen in the awake stage. Due to the ability of mind to go anywhere outside the body, and due to relativism it happens. The affected person by above anything in the awakened stage, does not behave in the current period. In these conditions, he have full sense of his body, and control also remains on the body though in first stage he can lose the control of his body.
                                                 The above facts shows that whatever happens in this world or the universe or human sees hears or understand by his senses, behind this, there is a certain scientific reaction against action. People who does not understands, the facts seems to say wonders, ghost or divine power etc. Showing wonders in the name of gods or goddesses, by telling people themselves eligible for the grace of God, giving lure and doing treatment etc., they are Smoothie from these persons people should always stay away. These persons to attract peoples, by showing marvel often uses magic, sleight of hand, hypnosis, chemistry, etc. In religion or spirituality there is not miracle of some sort in it is a high-level knowledge to live healthier and happier life.

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