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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scientific basis of spirituality-7

Vital  Force (Pran)

                                                     (Here pran word will be use for vital force)
                            Pran is the energy form of matter we get it from the sun. It is Pervaded in our entire body any kind of life is not possible without this when pran leave the body human or any creature becomes dead. Pran keeps our entire body organs active such as brain, heart, lung, kidney, digestive parts etc. It is divided into five parts within the body and does his works whole life pran is also called vital force. In our body there are five  main-pran and five sub-pran.
Main pran  :- 1 Pran 2 Apan 3 Saman 4 Udan  5 Vyan
Sub pran   :- 1. Nag 2 Kurm  3 krikal 4 deodatta 5 dhannajay
                                 Main pran and  sub pran connected together making a cone shape are active in the body the upper portion of this cone is called main pran and lower portion called  sub pran. The work of main pran is to take the pure elements of energy and the work of sub pran is to discharge the unnecessary element of energy. Pran needs oxygen to stay active which got the person through breath. The air Taken through breath our lungs absorb oxygen and send it to entire body through nerves which is maintained the life functional. Pran and oxygen are complementary to each other both are need to keep the body active due to absence of any creature dies. Without oxygen, humans can survive for five to seven minutes but without pran he cannot survive for a second. Pran and oxygen runs the body in the same way, such as oil and fire runs the engine of a vehicle. Fire is Generated by spark in the cylinder of vehicle, it generate energy to operates the piston, by burning the oil sent in the cylinder by pump. Here only oil or only fire cannot operate the piston like this in our body oxygen is fuel and pran is fire.  Pran by burning Oxygen generate energy and operates the components of our body. Here only oxygen or only pran cannot operate the body.
                                 Off once, the engine can be turned on again but after death creatures cannot alive again. Because science still could not developed any process to insert the pran into the body or control it in the body, in the future science may developed the method to control the pran in the body. But it will not be beneficial because pran is   leave the body only when despite the efforts body part does not works, or the barrier is arise due to breach in the  mechanism of body. It will be sure, that the doctor will get more time to recover body. If the science is develop a method, for re-enter the pran in the body then it will also not be beneficial because when pran is leave away the body, the wave, energy and wind form of the body is also destroyed and free independent souls in the body is also leave the body, Just solid, liquid and some air is only left some hours after the death body is Water-like rotting. However, science has learned how to alive again then the alive person, will not that, who was died because with the death mind is also destroyed so alive person will forget his past life so the method of detention  pran in the body, will be more effective. By Pranayam, Pran into the brain can be detained But this process only good healthy and experienced yogi can do after so many years practice, any ill or ordinary people cannot do this work. This is so true that Pran can be detained in the brain for long time. Our ancestors were well aware of this process. The science is need to develop new technology for this.
                                    The main Pran in our body is active in the brain and other four Prans are active in lower body. Until the main Pran is in the brain the man does not die even though his heart rate, respiratory and pulse stops, so the doctors check the brain, to certify death. Sometimes it is heard through the newspapers that the person is alive after death its reason is that even though his heart rate, respiratory and pulse is stops but main Pran is detained in brain and after some time it becomes active again in the body, when main Pran leave the brain then person cannot alive any way. Though oxygen is necessary is necessary to keep active the Pran. In this case, when the breath stops brain is start to absorb oxygen from the skin, so on death of any one before the funeral, Brain should be get checked by Dr.. When man is reached this position where main Pran is detained in brain, then mind has lost contact with body and outside world then the direction of mind is become reverse towards soul, and this time man seems to experience the supernatural. By the way it sometimes happens with one in a millions.
                                  By regular practice of Pranayama, the brain can make capable for absorbing oxygen from skin. For this the practice of Pranayama is required by particular method for many years. When our brain is become habitual to absorb oxygen from the skin Then man without a breath hold, detained the Pran in the brain can alive for long time without breath,  and by re-enter the Pran in the body can come in normal condition. For this oxygen must be on that place where he is sitting if he locked on the place where oxygen is not there then he will die. In spiritual language it is called “Samadhi”.
                                  Our health is dependent upon the process of  Pran in the body if Pran is strong then person will strong due to Pran the person gets the energy and shining on his face the persons full of energy can attract others easily. If Pran becomes weak then our bodies seems to be too weak, and our resistance to fighting disease, and ability to work or goes down.  The interior parts of our bodies also seem to be weak and susceptible to illness. When the parts of our bodies are not able to work, the Pran is leaves the body and person becomes dead.
                                  Pranayam  is the method to get control  on Pran.  Life of creatures is depends on the number of breaths.   The more breaths per minute, the creature age is becomes lower and minimum breath per minute more life. By long and deeper breath we can reduce the number of breaths per minute. There is a common motion of the Pran in the body change in this motion effect our health immediately.

                                    We takes the air by breath it is reached in our lungs, left and right side there are two lungs in our body.  There are millions of cells in our lungs, that look like clusters of grapes. The nerves out from these cells are spread in every point of our body. These nerves are send oxygen in our entire body, absorbed by lung cells by which Pran acts. The characteristic of our lungs is that our Seventy-five percent cells are become worse, still human will alive and can do simple daily works, but cannot do hard work. Due to deterioration of cells Pran cannot gets enough oxygen, so its motion increase so Pran becomes weak due to this our body seems to be too weak and disease-fighting ability goes down. By pranayam human can win the death, how much we will reduce the number of breaths per minute proportionally our life will increase as long as we live without breath in trance condition, our life will increase proportionally
                                            Pranayama is a complicated technique should to be learn from a qualified and trained persons. Any person below sixteen years age are not eligible for Pranayam.
                             There are four stage of Pranayam
 1.Complementary 2. Inter Kumbhak 3.Laxative 4.Outer  Kumbhak
                         By breath to fill the air in the lungs is called complementary action (Poorak). The action to hold the air for some time in the lungs is called inter Kumbhak. Dropping out the air by  breath is called Laxative action. After empty the lungs, for a while without breath is called outer kumbhak. Combination of these four actions is called one Pranayam. The eight time revision of these actions is called one cycle of Pranayam. When man takes breath in ordinary condition, all the cells of our lungs would have not filled. Only 600 air is filled in normal condition in the lungs of a completely healthy person. If our lungs would be filled complete, then three thousand cubic centimeters of air into the lungs can be filled, means five times more. If the cells are not used to fill complete, the cuffs deposits seems to be, due to this cells walls becomes hard, and their capacity to absorb oxygen is reduced, and it is caused respiratory diseases. Therefore man should have the habit of always taking long and deep breath.
                                          Anyone can do laxative and complementary action but it should not be greater than lung capacity and power. Kumbk action should always be learn from skilled person, because  this cause the lack of oxygen in the brain which may be harmful to the brain and body. On the basis of lungs capacity and health Its fixed  time-table is created, according to this we are used to increase the timing of four actions of Pranayam slowly, it will reduced  the number of breaths per minute. Due to Continuous practice of many years the brain becomes competent to absorb oxygen from the skin then human becomes eligible for Samadhi. Then man without a breath hold, detained the Pran in the brain can alive for long time without breath. If the pace of Pran is too short, the versatility of the mind becomes slow this helps in meditation. There are 15 types of Pranayam.
                            In our bodies air and Pran are in motion through nerves to nerves we can say wiring of our body. There are millions  nerves in our body. According to religious books there are 101 main nerves in our body, from each main nerve 72 thousand nerves goes to entire body. Staying safe in the middle of spinal cord these nerves goes to different parts of the body . From  the spinal cord these nerves goes  above in  the  brain up to Calvaria (brahmrandh) and in the bottom up to helical (Kundalni). Over calvaria and in the bottom helical, three nerves are reached says Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. Obstruction in the functioning of the nerves cause many diseases such as   paralysis, senselessness, gout, pain etc. The functioning of nerves is controlled by the Yoga (AAsan).
                                             There are 33 disks in our spinal so the flexibility remains in spinal. These nerves remain safe in the midst of  the disk. there are  eight glands  in the spinal. These Glands are emit hormones for the body. If glands are not functioning properly then it generates the mental and physical disorders. The functioning of nerves is also can  be controlled by the Yoga (AAsan).
                                               Our bodies are made of the five forms of matter, ie solid, liquid, air, energy and the wave. To control these five forms there are the following five different methods.
1.To  control the wave form means mind  --  meditation
                              Though soul is also a wave form in our body but neither it is necessary to control it nor anybody can control it. It is herself controlled because it react only according to action of mind.
 2.To  control the energy form means vital force (Pran) – Pranaayam
 3.To  control the air form  --  Yoga (Aasan).
 4.To  control  liquid  form --  Fast Panchakarma etc.  It can we done in supervision of trained Ayurvedic doctor.
5.To control  solid   form -- Walking, swimming, cycling are the best and accessible exercise.
                           If people just learn to hold on the mind then human can live a full healthy happy and long life. If there is no hold on mind, then there will be no benefit by controlling other four forms.

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