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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scientific basis of spirituality-4


                                 Soul is the first smallest particle of matter, It is located in the form of halo around God. We can say it is the smallest micro form of the matter,  it is a  wave form of matter. Its size is variable, it can add  all the properties of matter, and can even leave. When it leaves the properties,  changes as the abstract form God and when it adds the properties, does the creation of the world. Its size varies due to Leave & take the properties,  after change as abstract God (due to leaving all the properties), it never regenerate. In the spiritual language we  says it salvation,  but soul can not do it him self, for this it's depend on the human mind. Soul reacts against action and  result has been received from reaction. Root or conscious whatever is in the universe,  the basis of all is soul. Soul is present as the  basis within the each smallest particles  of the atom. If we assume the atom a pitcher full of water,  then the size of the soul would  be equivalent to a drop. Atom size is so small that on the tip of a needle, thousands atoms can be kept. Atom is The smallest particle of an element,  when the soul is the smallest micro form of matter. In the universe nothing is subtle from soul, after this only abstract God is there.

                                           The soul is immortal, until is our solar system, when  solar system will end, then soul will be end. Soul from one  solar system, can not go in other solar system. Until soul is alive, until then, it will always linger here and there in the solar system. In  whole life, soul linger on  from one element to other element  &  from  one creature to other creature, and every where it should have to  react against every action, so it does not get rest, up to eternity. Kept in mind this fact, God has provided facility of salvation for the soul, and this  can only get through human. Response of the soul is definite there is no exception. If we hit to stone  stone will broken except this  other  action would not be there. The soul is responsible for all physical, chemical, biological and emotional reactions, action always starts from the outer casing , then soul will react. Similarly, based on feedback of, the work done by human, mood of eating & drinking and his ideas in the body, he indulges pleasure & calamity in his life and  built his future.
                                                In the religious scriptures the properties  of matter, has been named  goddess, god  & demon. The faulty properties are called monster & virtue properties are goddess & god. As per religious text it is reported to be 3.3 million  properties of matter these all properties are located in Spirit as the seeds, like that the giant tree is located Just in a little seed similarly properties are located in the spirit, and according to circumstances similar properties becomes active. If a seed putting down  in the ground & give him manure water etc it grows as a that type tree. Man  by his organs of perception whatsoever sees listens and understands he  becomes like that. What kind of work man does, in him  he gets the growth of similar  Properties, Just like  a tree grows by giving manure water. To achieve efficiency in any work constant practice is necessary. If we burn the seeds of the tree then it no matter how much water manure  supplied to,  this  Can not generate tree. Similarly if the properties in spirit is to be destroyed, then it is no matter how much  human resources are available he would be no desire to consume. This is the original purpose of religion or spirituality. How these properties should be deleted will learn in the second part. By which process the  tree Can be generated from a seed like that anyone  root or conscious can be generates from the soul because  soul is the original seed of all. But the knowledge of the scientific process and create necessary conditions must be. Science  still could not reach the soul. After the development of nanotechnology, science will probably reach the soul. Science is being attempt to generate cloned animals which is likely to be distorted. In Ramayana, Mahabharata and  Gita, instances  are found to create human  by the different artificial methods, Rama and Sita are the main examples of this. Ram was born from the womb of the mother by artificial methods, while Sita was born outside the mother's uterus.
                                                 In Spirit three properties are main, first,  related to generation, means "Brahma" second related to abide means "Vishnu" & third related to end (destroy) means "Shiv". These three properties are always present in soul, wherever it, because everything arising in the universe,  goes through these three stages. Each of these, millions  branches are there. First God  has born  "Brahma" with the property of generation Then Brahma is generated their negative power is said "Savitri"  in the religious texts she is known as Brahma's daughter and wife. Daughter  is so called, because 'Bhahma'  had  generate it him self, Wife is so called, because by their fertilization  he had generate "Vishnu" "Shiva" & their  negative powers 'Lakshmi' 'Parvati', and other million properties (goddess god)  & with the help of these created the world. In ancient  time by sages, The name given to the properties of matter & created the images based on the description of properties & mechanism of the human body, They often  are  resemble the shape of human beings, it letter come to be understood that  the goddess god  such as of human beings shape  are an invisible creature who are not visible to us but it is a totally wrong concept. We are who see images  of goddess & god these are made on the basis of description of properties  & mechanism of  our bodies,  neither  that no body like such images is not there, nor  there are any parents of these. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has described  entire scientific description of the goddess & god. "Ram and Krishna" are also worshiped as gods in the Hindu religion But they were born as human beings so they are history man and religion founder. "Brahma Vishnu and Shiva", including millions  goddess gods and demons,  are the names of specific properties. It has written earlier  goddess, god & demons are located in the Spirit and the Spirit  is in our bodies, so all the gods and demons are also located in our body, emerged as the divinity or the demonic qualities are in man he treats same like that generosity or evil. Therefore, the arrangement for worship of goddess god is  in religious texts. We pray to which  goddess & god, qualities  related to those goddess  god begins to grow in our body only physical worship is of no importance, but we must know the correct method only physical worship is of no importance because this is a mental process. Since the method of worship, is associated, with each of devotion aim of worship is to make the environment suitable for meditation. To get the demonic forces of demons the provision  of meditation and worship is there. For devotion of any goddess & god, must have the knowledge of  correct method of meditation, worship and  description  of the properties, of that goddess & god ,otherwise without knowledge of any worship  is generate Phrenetic stage & fanaticism, a qualified Preceptor is must for this.
                           In spirituality the soul is called  life and knowledge, soul is the unit of the life of all root and conscious elements In the  spiritual  language  life  is  called,  which generates (birth) and ends (death), except God There is no such object in the universe, which does not generate or end since life exists everywhere in the universe, because the unit of life is soul  and it is present in every smallest particles. Science  probably assume life  to only creatures competent for automation that's just wrong, because creatures are also made of these, small root  particles of matter which is the atoms. Man should always remember that matter (soul) had create human, human not to matter; knowledge is in  the matter means (soul) , not in a man. Man is the media to describe this knowledge. There is a perfect way to achieve this, knowledge situated in spirit.  In the second part this will be described. Even after the  end of human and solar system,  knowledge never ends because the generation of knowledge is assumed from God.

                                     In spirituality the soul is called  life and knowledge Through the vital force by automatic action does progeny growth are called creatures it includes all human, animal  & insect world. Flora world also does progeny growth  through the vital force by automatic action but in the mechanism of fauna and flora is a little difference. In root material, organs of perception, organ of action,  mind, vital force etc is not there, when in  the creatures have all these  things. Vital force is the energy form of matter latter on we will learn about this. Conscious are  able to automation when root elements are not able to do so, they  require energy for actions. Solid material after change in the energy and wave form becomes conscious both they are able to do any actions.
                                   The body of human beings, including all creatures are composed of  five forms of matter solid, liquid, gas, energy and the wave. In the religious text  these are called "Panch Tatwa" ( five elements) ie earth, water, air, fire and sky (space). These five forms are present in  creatures in active conditions with their lowest and highest levels. Root elements are found in any one form that is solid, liquid or gas, only in one level & is in idle condition. We can say that  actions is very slow in these elements after hundreds of years,  some change appears. Everything needs energy to the action  the energy in creatures  we call vital force("Pran"). In our body God is abstract (formless) soul and mind is in a wave form, vital force is energy form, oxygen and other gases  in gas form, serum, water and blood in liquid form, meat, bone, etc. are in solid form. Like This  our body is made up of five forms of matter until while vital force("Pran") is  in our bodies until then these five  forms remains active.
                                     The atom of any element is a group of several properties these  property are emitted from, thousands spirits, located in atoms by enabled and disabled these properties, an atom of one element can be change in other element without nuclear fusion and fission, our ancestors were knew this mechanism. Till now  Sciences has investigated, near about 101 elements on earth, all these elements are found in our earth and atmosphere. These elements  buried in the womb of the earth, the earth keeps sending  these elements through the flora above the earth, that reaches in our bodies, through  fruits, flowers, food, water, air and drugs.  Our body is made   from the combination of atoms of all elements, so every particle of our body is the part of earth, and vital force is the part of sun. Therefore, earth is the main mother of all, and sun is the main  father. Man should always remember that to live, the earth makes available us all the necessary things such as food, air, water including physical facilities. Therefore, man's first duty is to protect earth.
                                        All elements in our body are in balanced condition we get them through the air, water and food. These elements within the body through the digestive system, as changing in liquid ,air, energy  and wave form , and influence our mind intellect, & health. it's excess or decrease, cause immediate impact on our health due to it's decrease or excess, we becomes to be ill,. by taking these elements in the form of drugs we becomes healthy. Each element has an impact on different parts of the body such as gold affects our intellect. due to shortage of this, man becomes victim of despair or depression This disease occurs due to the fear and frustration. In humans the maximum fear is of death. But the frustration is so  increased that death fear becomes low, then man  commit suicide. if  the disease is treated by any method allopathy, homeopathy and Ayurveda the  drug used would be made of gold. In all three systems the drug will be same, but the drug manufacturing method & method of action in the body will be different Similarly each element is  affect different parts of our body. Changes in normal mechanisms of the body we says chronic disease. it can not be cure by medicines.
                                        Excessive indulgence in the world, desire, not to be satisfied with your Position, passion hatred, anxiety, fear, are main  caused for  incurable diseases. Science has considered to  food and lifestyle the main causes of chronic diseases, food and lifestyle  not main issue, the issue is  of man's perverts mentality & his  ideas, because modern life style and method of education has been deform the man's mentality. Excess indulgence  of the man in the world, will sooner he  the victim of incurable diseases, whether the mood of eating & drinking be virtuous and people to be not bad habits. The person who is not indulgence in the world whether their lifestyle and mood of eating drinking is not virtuous, they will not suffer from chronic disease. Indulgence to the world   means that, instead of nature, flora fauna, and human relations, to give more importance for Selfishness, physical facility,  money and property.
                                      Through various channels our body takes five forms of matter such as Solids through food, liquid form through drinks and water, the  air  through  breath, energy through the sun, and knowledge  as the wave form. Knowledge or the wave form is most important out of these,  because only it gives Permanent impacts on the life of man. He acts like that  as he gets the knowledge. To receive the first four forms in our body have three organs ie  mouth, nose and skin. But to receive wave form or knowledge  we have in our body are five organs  says organs of perception.
                                                               God have been divided 3.3 million properties into 84 lakh species. According to which God has generated from one chromosome to 3.3 million chromosome creatures. Man is a creature with the entire (3.3 million) chromosome, generated in the last. Each creature is the closest species to man's closest species is monkey. But  monkey  by development can not  be human. How much  chromosome is in the creature, they can generate the same chromosome, child, not more or less chromosome. We can say definitely that after the monkey on earth man has generated. Other than humans all creatures generate by God, can only do the works fixed by God when man is free to do all works. Except human in all species work is main when in human knowledge is main. Except human to maintain the balance of nature  God has distributed  the fixed work to each creature, and the work of human is to protect all by knowledge.
                                                                 The distance from the center of the Earth  up to  center of sun is divided into fourteen parts we says it region,  in it  three  are main.
1. Mortal world 2. Paradise 3. Hell
                                         As far as from the earth surface , oxygen is there,  that distance is called mortal world, after this distance up to center of sun is called paradise , distance from the surface of earth up to center of earth  is called hell, there are many levels of paradise & hell.
                                        According to religious texts  the volume of the soul in our body is equal to size of thumb, compare to our body.  In our body, soul at the center of the each minutest particles of atom is present as the basis, means it has spread throughout the body, up to Some distance outside the body it is in the halo form. Few independent souls with vital force at the time of death goes out from the body These souls are reborn somewhere other. soul is also there in dead body But it is just like as in a root element. The souls  having same property are always in groups. At time of death where soul will go out of body, it depends on their density (weight) is how much less or more. Low-density souls always  leads to above (heaven), and more density souls always goes down in Hell (like that  light gas goes towards up side  and heavy gas towards down). Density of soul in the human body to be more or less depending on, that his Indulgence in the world was how much and with how much desires, he dead. Those souls are wandering in mortal world would have a second birth soul above or below the mortal world  until then can not take the second birth, until it do not come to mortal world by decreasing or increasing his Density. The souls in a mortal world  in which species  will go, it depends on the works done in human life.
                                            It may be questioned when the soul is located in each micro particles, in the mortal world or any other  place, there is  no shortage of soul, then why only  souls of  creature are take birth, why not any other soul. Since at the time of death, the souls after leaving the body, does the variance in only the independent condition, rest souls are present  as the basis of any atom or other element they can not come out from this. Similarly, the souls in the dead bodies are also part of the some elements and can not come out from this. The souls  present in the particles of elements are reach in our bodies through air, food and water, and through digestion soul after dividing in subtle forms of matter reaches in independent form.

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