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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scientific basis of spirituality-8


                           To compare the time and the speed of light is called the relativity. Relativism is the subject of maths may not understand all.
But to understand spirituality is important to understand the relativity. Relativity is direct connected from mind and meditation. To see the gods, to Phantom ghosts, past lives to be remembered, See a very old phenomenon, dream etc. is linked to relativism.
                           When the beam of light coming from an object, hits our eyes then we see the object. The beam of light coming from the object is moving ahead by the speed of three million km/sec according to this time is moving ahead. If we moves at a speed of three million kilometers per Second   the time will stop.   If we moves faster than this speed, then time will reverse, thus we can say that we will see events of the past. That we will reach in the past.
                                           We can understand this by using a hypothetical:-
                           Suppose we have a watch that we can see from any corner of the universe we kept all the forks of this watch to 00 hours. At 00 hours the beam of light will emanate from the forks of watch at the speed of three million kilometers per Second. Exactly at 00 hours we also move by the speed of three million kilometers/sec with the beam in the direction of beam. Now our speed, and the speed of light going out of the forks, is equal. How long we continue by this speed we will see the clock forks on 00 hours Until we will continue this speed we always will see the forks of watch on 00 hours when the clock's forks will being move at its normal speed. If we will continue this speed up to one hour the clock will really have 1.00 o'clock but we will see 00 hours. That we are being seen incidents occurred at 00 hours on the earth. Thus we can say that time will be reached one hour back. Now one hour after we have stop motion. When we will stop motion, we will look the clock moving at normal speed. Here now we will stop for one hour and will see 1.00 o'clock in this watch. When we will seeing 1.00 o'clock actually it will be 2.00 o'clock in this watch. While we will stay here until the time will also running one hour back. Now at 1.00 o'clock we are start return back to the same speed, while returning, we will see the clock's fork speed two times, then the actual speed, because we are moving towards clock by the speed of 3 million kilometers/sec. and ray of light from the clock is also moving towards us in the opposite direction at the speed of 3 million km/sec. After one hour travelling by this speed when we will reached the earth and see 3 o’clock in this watch. In fact, real and imaginary time after return will be equal that is 3.00 Pm.  This shows that until we were moving an hour at the speed of light, the time was stopped. When we had stay in space, then the time began to move at normal speed. When we are beginning to move back we found the time speed double. After reaching the earth time difference become nil. This proves that when we are in motion, and from where do we start journey,  cannot see the real-time view of that place, but we see the past time event on that place it is no matter how fast or slow we are running. It is only be possible if we can run by the speed of light. So far, science or any other is not capable for running physically at this speed. To see the changes physically, our speed must be maximum thirty eight thousand kilometers per Second, because our eyes cannot see the changes less then 1/8 second according to the speed of light, the scene changes in 1/3 million part of second, or the scene is being change, three million times in a second.
                                  Mentally we can move much faster, than the speed of light, but to move mentally little change has take place in this rule. Using the above, we can figure out another way.
                                 Using the above when we arrived here after walking an hour at the speed of light, then in real and imaginary time there was the difference of one hour. When actually it was 1.00 o' clock but we were seeing twelve o'clock, as we stay here, the time will begin to reduce at its normal speed and after one hour the difference will we zero means we will reach back on the earth,  and we  will see 1.00  o’clock.   We took an hour time during return is the imaginary time, when the actual  time is zero but while going time consumed was actual. Up to one hour while we are moving at the speed of 3 million kilometers per second until then we were looking the forks of clock, on twelve. When we stayed here, the last one hour scene were visible to us on the earth, but due to our stoppage here time will not stay it will go ahead by its normal speed, so we will return automatically and in an hour we will arrive at our original location. This rule is applicable to running mentally. Though this example is just to understand our mind speed is so much more then the speed of light it does not take more than one second to reach anywhere in the universe.
                                     According to the theory of relativity, in the universe or on the earth the scene is displayed is converted in to wave form and goes forward in the universe at a speed of light it never destroy. Instead, due to the response of this in the next moment the new position is displayed, It is spread in all directions, like The way the sunlight is spread in all directions. Waves are spreads in all directions from a focal point. Time is distributed in three parts:-

1  present tense
2  past tense
3  Future tense
                                  Present by changing in past is proceed further and due to response of present, in the next movement future becomes the present like this time and scenes proceed  further. We can see only the present in normal condition we cannot see past and future. If we want to see the past time views, then we will have proceed more rapidly than the light.  Suppose today our age is sixty years and we want to see myself only 10 years old Then we will have to go fifty light years ahead. Then we will be able to view ourselves ten years old, or fifty years back scenes. This one's is not physically possible for science but it is possible mentally. It has been written in the mind episode that the organs of perception are located in our minds, and the mind is able to go anywhere in the universe at any speed, so our mind can get the knowledge related to the five senses, by reaching anywhere in the universe but cannot do any physical changes. We can understand it by a hypothetical experiment.
                                  Suppose today our age is sixty years and we want to see yourself ten years old for this we will have to go fifty light years ahead in the universe. At six o' clock, right through meditation we are reached fifty light years ahead in a second. I will see myself here ten years old means time will go fifty year back.  Now we stay here as we will stay here, than time will move ahead at its normal speed now we will stay here for fifty years. Here we will see the incidents occurred on the earth from our ten years age to sixty years age, in the same way. In this period what calamity or pleasure we have feel on the earth, also feel here, and we will also feel that we have spend fifty years here. When we will return to earth our age will be increased only one Second. When we had start journey it was 6 o'clock and when we have return, it was only one second time consumed. To go fifty years back at the speed of fifty light years, we have taken only one second time, which was the real time. By staying here we have spent fifty years time is the imaginary time. Here to spend fifty years the actual time taken is zero. In the Mahabharata, the same episode has given related to the Yudhishtar. Based on this we can see the life of past birth. The book Yog Vishishth is also related to relativism. Though while meditation how we can spend the time of hundreds and thousands years in zero hours there is no theoretical information about this. It must be said that age is a growing of body not of mind, in the past only our mind goes not the body so it can be. Our mind can go in past and future both but how can we go in future time I do not know.

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