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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scientific basis of spirituality-5


                                         Mind is the most important part of the human body called the third eye or sixth sense. The mind does  intellectual operation of human body  means it is  the driver of our body. It is  the wave form of matter and it remains connected  with the soul rife in our complete body We could say it the circulatory system of the body. Connected  with the soul mind is able to go out of our body anywhere in the universe. The  speed of mind  is unlimited, it can go  many times more faster than the speed of light. In a Seconds it can reach in any corner of the universe, if we put the language of science, its wavelength is infinite. In response to the "Yaksha" question "Yudhishthar" told the mind speed unlimited. There is three parts of mind.
1. Supine (Chitt) 2. Intellect 3. Ego
                                               The work of supine (chitt) is to get the knowledge The work of intellect, is to make decisions and the work of ego is  try to change the decision or take wrong decisions. Existence of mind is until then until the creature is alive after death neither there is no existence of mind nor it can exist any where in independent form. Mind is the name of a dynamic communication system. that can exist until the creature is alive. When the mind stops working, then the man goes into coma.
                                         When we have to do any work,  first an idea is   develop  in our mind. As we have to lift  hands then first of all an idea will develop to lift the hand in our mind, the intellect will decide, whether hand should  lift or not After taking decision to lift the hands, intellect will stimulate the vital force or Energy. Vital force through the nerve will send the messages to the brain with required  necessary energy to lift the hands. On receiving the message  brain  will prepare  necessary chemicals, which  generate the necessary tension in muscles & will lift the hand up. such a long process but occurs in less than a tenth second. Made by us to the smaller physical or mental work is always repeated the same process, whether work to be done, by  organ of perception  or may be made by organs of action. The message of work completion is also reached to the mind, then mind back the message to hand in normal position. The above examples make clear that how fast our body functions are. We do not feel any chemical reactions in our body. The permanent normal functions in the body that are essential to keep the body active, that remain in the body  fast moving & non-stop in whole life. We are not aware of these operations in the life, because these operations are performed by vital force (Pran), except these mental operations are performed by mind. In addition to general functioning, the message of  the smallest intellectual  movement in the body reaches the mind. If a blockage comes in the way of the mind,  Then we can not know   any movement or any pain in our the body, this means we will go into an unconscious state. Creating an obstacle in the way of mind , doctors do big operations. The mind in our body, operates  organs of perception & organs of action including   intellectual operation
                                       when The intellect, has more options for  the decision then ego start his working. we also understand this from an example. Suppose two different people have  to go railway station, which is ten kilometers from the home such as on foot, cycle, bus, auto rickshaw, taxi etc but the other person has no choice, other then walk.  In other person ego will not work and he will walk with instant decision. But the first person have several options, will take time to make decisions besides, it he can takes decision by  three types first according to his capacity, second below then capacity, third more then capacity. If he decides to do spent over capacity, then his mind will generate tensions in human mind is always takes place a clash of ego and intellect, which becomes the reasons of stress, and  disease, related to stress. Intellect  and ego are always try to suppress each another. Poor and working people have very little ego but in intelligent and aristocracy people , ego is at its peak, this is the  reason, that  decisions are taken  in the world today, that are not in the interest of nature and life. Individuals taking the decision, ego is on peak in them. Through spirituality we can learn, that when many options  for decision is available,  how we can prevent ego to work. In the second part  learn the way for this.
                                            The  ideas are grown up in our mind, always seems to manifest on our faces and eyes. We can immediately tell by reading a person's face that the person is happy, depressed, anxious, stressed or angry, generate ideas in mind can be read   by seeing  the face. We can see only  that changes which  is clearly revealed on the face that we can not see  revealed subtle changes. Our ancestor were know this method, in addition to the human they can  read the thoughts of animals by face. As the science  today  have changed  the computer's machine language in general language similarly, generate ideas in mind can also be converted into common language due to this the views of animals can also be read. The science will take time, because science till now not reach up to mind Science have developed  lie machine and narco-analysis tests procedures. But by these methods results are out, by generated chemicals & waves in the brain Which is not completely reliable, Because each person's mental state is different. If a person know how to control his mind, or has become  unconsciously control on his mind then these methods can  get the wrong results. if any person is  monk then test on that person can give wrong results. here the word monk is not for  the modern monks, who do  leave home & get away. As the above has been written that the ideas  generated in our mind the expressions of those ideas are exposed on our faces but if in any person due to good or bad  environment not changes the expressions on the faces means that has no effect on them of any environment then called monks. This the definition of monk according to spirituality. A householder person  could be a monk. Our so much famous sage and founder of religion are there, most of whom were householder. our all the gods are not without  wife. To reach the God   it  is not important to leave householder's life there is no importance to become a monk  physically, to reach the God  it is necessary to become monk Mentally, because religion is a purely mental process. It can also we done by householder's. Lord Krishna had sixteen thousand queens, but they were celibate and monastic.
                                        To gain knowledge of the five forms of matter  (solid, liquid, gas, energy, & waves  there are five organs of perception in our body. These five forms are five different properties.

1. The property of Earth (solid) is the odor (smell).
2. The property of Water (liquid) is the juice(taste)
3. The property of Air (gas) is the touch
4. The property of Agni (energy) is the visibility
5. The property of Sky (wave) is the words (vibration)

                                      To get the knowledge of above five forms of matter there are five organs of perception in our body.
1. To get a sense of smell, nose (nasal)
2. To get the sense of test, tongue
3. To get the sense of tough , skin
4. To get the sense of visibility, eyes
5. To get the sense of words, ears
                                     Nose, tongue, skin, eye and ear These five organs of perception are located In our outer body are also located in the minds in a subtle form. so the mind is called sixth sense or third eye. If any organs of perception is not working in the body then   human can get the knowledge   related to that organ of perception mentally, because it is  the work of mind,  to get the knowledge. Soordas was blind from birth, but   he composed the enormous book "Soorsagar" The scenes depicted in this book related to Lord Krishna, like that depiction cannot done today with   physical eyes. If there is any obstacle in the working of mind or the minds stops working then human Cannot do any mental or physical work and goes into coma, even though all his organ of perception are in healthy condition in his body.
                           As described above,  there are five organ of perception eye, skin,  ear, nose, and tongue in our body out of these, tactile sense is the most important, with the help of tactile sense  other four, organ of perception  including mind do their jobs. Here means of skin is not only for skin on the upper body every subtle micro particle of our body is works as a organ of touch sense, that is  pervaded in our entire body inside and outside, If not then, we are not aware of any pain or movement in inner part of our body
                                                        When the air particles with smell touches our smell organs then we get knowledge of smell. When any eating slop touches our tongue then we get the knowledge of test. When anything touches our skin then we get the knowledge of touch. When a ray of light touches the retina of our eye then we get the knowledge of view. When any sound wave is touches the screen of our ears we get the knowledge of sound. According to this only tough sense is active all the organs of perception for work if  touch sense becomes zero  doctor's can operate our body  we do not feel any pain if touch sense is zero. If any part become zero then the touch sense of that part stop working. in Unconsciousness  mind stop to work temporarily and in coma mind stops working permanently.
                                  When we sleeps, except touch sense of our body the rest organs of perception of our body are said to sleep. While sleeping, by assimilation the touch sense of the bed and surrounding noise we fall a sleep, during sleep if we feel a faster or different touch in our body we wakes up or a sharp sound touches our ear's, screen we wakes up, we wakes up due to activation of the touch sense not by the noise or sound we hear the sound  after wake. when organ of perception in our body went to sleep and our minds are closed to the idea and the mind becomes free, then mind by his desire goes to roam up, and we do  start to see dreams. After our sleep too long, the organ of perception in the mind stays awake so where the mind goes we view that scenes. At the basis of scenes ever seen in a dream while sleeping, mind starts to give commands to the brain, then while sleeping, our body start to acts physically. During repose, Speaking, somnambulism and emission (night fall) etc. are prime examples. Dream are not seen in deep sleep because in deep sleep the mind & organ of perception are getting relax. How long after a deep sleep comes, it depends on   that How healthy, anxious or relaxed is that person, healthy and confident person goes to deep sleep early. Similarly, the organ of perception in our mind are wake up about half an hour earlier that dream often feel sleepy after a while or shortly before wake up. There are three properties in nature
1. Entity 2. activity 3.Ignorance
                          The dreams seen in God Moment and under the influence of the entity are often true, the dreams seen in influence of Ignorance are unreal. The effect of activity  is not there  during sleep. In comparison to human in different creatures some organ of perceptions   are less or more active. Each person is different in the activation of organs of perceptions sensory Therefore, the ability to absorb the knowledge or wisdom are never the same in all. There are all five organs of perception in all creatures. All creatures are able to absorb and exchange knowledge to each other, related to these organs.
                       Science knows that the brain is the key part to conduct the body But the brain cannot do anything without the mind and vital force without vital force brain goes to death, life cannot survive a Second without vital force. If the brain would be the major part to conduct the body so science would be conquered death so far. The brain is a root element and the conscious element mind and vital force together, is being operate the brain. Our brain is just like a chemical laboratory and it works according to instructions from the mind. The functioning of our brain is same like computer's CPU.  In computers, there are power systems, mother board, CPU, RAM, Hard Disk and External Device (CD Rome) etc,  If we compare computer with our body, then  our body  is  Mother board, vital force is Power Systems, brain is the CPU and our memory is REM and organ of perception are External device.  In our brain there is no such thing like hard disk, where the data can be store, the science says that our brain has unlimited storage capacity, if so, then we never forget  anything read, heard or seen because then we could hear or see  anything, like that we can hear and see the files, kept in the hard disk. Storage capacity, is in the soul not in the brain, Since the soul has pervaded the whole body including the brain. In our soul all information of the universe, all action system as seeds are located in. but the action of our minds is in outside direction towards world that we cannot know them, though in this life any information will reach the soul, will remember for life because it have reached to our soul through our mind, Spirit is able to access information only when it should be received with full concentration. The things are not received with full concentration over time we forget them. So we cannot remember the information of past lives, because mind is destroyed with the death. To receive the information of past lives we have to turn our organs of perception to the opposite direction, means the speed of mind has to turn in opposite direction towards soul then the organs of perceptions in the mind   have to activate.
                                 After developing nanotechnology such Software will be fixed in our bodies which will provide The Facility of hard disk and computer screens to our organ of perceptions. But due to this the physical & mental capacity of human will gradually over. In future humans will be dependent on computers in the same way just like today he depends on the electricity telephone etc and will not do anything without it. In future human will depend on computers for air, water and food also.
                                 Science can not yet prove that our mind can go outside the body anywhere in the universe when in the religious books it is mentioned on so many places. Telepathy and hypnosis is a good exemples of this after developing this method we can give the order and get the work done by the person somewhere sitting away. If our mind is not able to go out of the body and if our brain can only stores the things have been read and seen then such a thing could never come in dream that we  have never seen before. Then neither of us could imagine that we have not hear read or seen nor do scientists any invention, and no man could have experienced enlightenment. This article is also not written on the basis of things heard and read. Before the sinking the correct story of Titanic ship was written, It proves that mind can go anywhere out of body in future or past further it will be clarify by the mathematics in the chapter of relativity.
                                     Our mind works as internet. When we want any information we reach on that website through internet and see the information on our computer screen, but there is no arrangement like computer screen in our body, we can try to know the things by our memory. If a thought of Tajmahal is comes in our mind then our mind goes there where we have seen the Tajmahal or it’s picture physically then according to memory our mind try to see it. On the basis of memory how clearly we can see it, this depends while seeing physically our mind was how much concentrate on it. If we have read any book and after that we try to replicate it without looking through the book we cannot repeat it exactly. In different peoples the capacity of memory is found different, this capacity depends on this, that while reading how much concentrate was he on the book and how much sensitive are his organ of perception. If he was hundred percent while reading then he will repeat the book as it is, if he was not concentrate then cannot remember anything. Hundred percent concentration means that our complete attention should be on the work we are doing. Arjun while shooting did not see anything other than the bird's eye.
                             The incident occurred on a normal basis in our lives we are forget these but some incidents we cannot forget in whole life, because we felt them with full concentration and it located in our soul. When any work is done with full concentration then its effect can reach up to soul, after reaching thing up to soul cannot forget in whole life. When man gets enlightenment, then cannot forget to multiple births. When we want to know such things, that never before we have heard, read or seen, then the mind takes time to find it. We have to go in depth by concentration and long time constant practice, then we can find it. Based on this, human does new discovery or new invention in the world. Knowledge is directly linked to the concentration, enlightenment and divine knowledge can obtained through meditation. The procedure of meditation will be described In the second part.
                                 The art of full concentration on a target is called meditation. From any location through meditation, we can read any book in the same way as we read the web page on computer screen, even if that book we never read before it. For this, by focus on mind we have to proven ability to develop the organ of perception, but today, in the era of materialism, it is very difficult for humans to do this work. Incidentally, our mind can do that sometimes unintended, as Titanic example is given above, but it rarely happens by chance in the world. After increasing sensory capability of the organ of perceptions in the mind through meditation, man can do it anytime according to his will. This process is similar to the Telepathy. The live telecast of “Mahabharata” by “Sanjay” to “Dhritrashtra” is based on this process. Through meditation our mind can go anywhere in the universe and can get the information of past and future for this it not necessary to go with body. Mind only can get thr knowledge connected to organ of perceptions but cannot do any physical changes because organ of works are not connected with  mind these are in our body when the organ of perceptions are also connected with our mind except the body.
                               Our mind is an external communication system of our body except this an internal communication system is also there in our body the science has yet no idea of this. In religious books it is called “Narad” son of “Brahma”. What action is taking place in our bodies and what type of properties are increasing or decreasing in our body. Its work is to send the information to the gods (related properties) in the soul on the basis of this information soul reacts as a result of this man gets calamity and pleasure in his life.
                            In our body soul and mind are two main elements which are conduct living and life including our bodies. These are decide our hereditary qualities and determine our lives. In our body soul react against action of mind and as a result of this man gets calamity and pleasure in his life. Our body structure health and intelligence is also depends on its reaction. The soul is main conscious element in the human body so it has to suffer due to result of this. After death the body has destroyed and with the body mind has also destroyed, but soul suffers for long time due to the result of works done by human in his life. The reaction has done by soul herself but it cannot safe herself from the result because the reaction is completely decided against action On the contrary soul cannot do anything by her will. The mind with body is also destroyed due to the death of the man so he does not remember anything pre-birth but some are able to remember pre-birth. It sometimes gets to hear through the media but its reason is another. In case of relativity further clarify it. When science will reach up to soul all things will be clear to the science.
                                 Soul of animals other than humans do not suffer the results of their action, because except human all species are work oriented and they can do only the works decided by God, so they do not suffer by result of their action, when the species  of human is knowledge oriented he can do any good or bed works. In the chapter of religion the work done opposite to definition of religion, are called bad work or sins. That's the soul in the species of other creatures destroy the one result of work done in human life against the work of that creatures. Through education of spirituality man can do Supreme works (work without will of result). Krishna's sixteen thousand queens, yet they were celibate and monastic. The way for supreme work will describe in 2nd part.
                                   In our body, mind is like a horse without a bridle, and the soul is its rider. The mind in normal condition without a bridle drag the soul here and there, and soul experience the result of mind's deeds. When the control comes in the hands of the soul then mind finds the right path, but to give the control to the soul the mind has to done this work himself other cannot do this work, this work is only possible by knowledge. This work is most difficult to men because he can govern on others easily but cannot govern himself. Until we cannot able to control our mind we cannot do anything in the field of spirituality. There is no physical importance of spirituality because it is a mental process. Only meditation is the way to control the mind.
There is the direct relation of mind with the knowledge.

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